The Centre for Translation Studies is a community of translators, interpreters, scholars, lecturers, students and administrative staff. With about 3,000 students and about 140 employees, the Centre for Translation Studies is the largest of its kind in Austria.


Mag. Dr. Laura Balomiri
Mag. Doris Bankhamer
Natalie Julia Basica
Mag. Ladislava Baxant-Cejnar
Florian Berger
Barbara Berger-Kuklik
Vanessa Michelle Beyer
Ana-Maria Bodo, BA BA MA
Hans Christian Breuer
Aban Budin, MAS
Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Gerhard Budin
Mag. Grozdana Bulov
Beatriz Carrasco Aguas
Mag. Dr. Ines Casillo
Remo Castellini, BA MA
Dr. Przemyslaw Chojnowski, Privatdoz.
Lic. Ana Cletiu
Mag. Bettina Coll
ao. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Michèle Cooke, M.A.
Mag. Mag. Dr. Marija Dabic
Dr. Karina De Rezende-Fohringer, Privatdoz. BA MA
Mag. Dr. Sabine Elisabeth Dengscherz, Privatdoz.
Mag. Mag. Katarina Dorkin Kriz
Alexandra Dragov, BA
Arleen Duit
Michael En, BA MA
Eszter Feher, BA MA
Lic. Dr. Claudia Fernandes
Melissa Feuchtgruber
Dr. Beatrice Fischer, Bakk. MA MA
Mag. Marion Fischer-Natlacen
Mag. Elisabeth Fraller, MA
Mag. Elisabeth Frank-Großebner
Arnold Graf
Alice Grano
Ass.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Dagmar Gromann, BSc
Birgit Grübl, Bakk. MA
Mag. Dr. Grzegorz Gugulski
Philipp Hartmann, BA MA
Dr. Ivana Havelka, MA
Mag. Ruthild Heiml
Barbara Heinisch, BA MA MA
Dr. Florence Hetzel
Cinzia Hirschvogl, MA MA
Dr. Marina Höfinghoff-Vornberg
Dott.ssa. Dr. Katia Iacono, Bakk. MA
Erna Imsirovic, MA
Marija Ivanovic, BA MA
Dr. Jacinto Jaen-Benitez, Lic.
Julia Jakob, BA MPhil
Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Mira Kadric-Scheiber
Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Klaus Kaindl
Matthias Kerber
Mag. Paulina Klotz
Mag. Kathleen Knaus
Mag. Christian Koderhold
Mag. Dr. Waltraud Kolb
Dr. Dietmar Koller
Mag. Dr. Claudia Koloszar-Koo
Mag. Galina Kotowsky, BA
Mag. Dr. Zita Krajcso
Mag. Mag. Dr. Alexandra Krause
Stefanie Kremmel, BA MA
Mag. Jill Kreuer
Mag. Mag. Michael Kucharski
Mag. Dr. Michaela Kuklova
Mag. Dr. Antonina Lakner
Dr. Alice Leal, BA MA
Mag. Astrid Leithner
Mag. Dr. Jiefei LI
Dipl.-Übers. Dr. Helga Lion
Mag. Dr. Vesna Lusicky
Mag. Eva Mandl, MA
Mag. Sandra Markovic-Mulaomerovic, BA
Nataliya Melnychenko, BA MA
Daniel Meyrath
Dalibor Mikic, Bakk. MA
Mag. Mag. Vesna Milanovic, Bakk.
Jelena Milosevic, BA MA
Dr. Lorena Muñoz Izarra, MA
Mag. Chantal Niebisch
Mag. Camilla Nielsen
Izabella Nyari, MA MA
Mag. Dorin Oniga
Mag. Elisabeth Pernul-Oswald, BA
Mag. Patrick Peyrat
Christina Pfaller, BA
Mag. Dr. Judith Platter
Markus Pluschkovits
Mag. Dr. Sibylle Pot d'or
Mag. Azra Prcic
Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Franz Pöchhacker
Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Sonja Pöllabauer
Mag. Maria Luisa Radgam
Mag. Dr. Karin Reithofer-Winter, M.A.
Mag. Dr. Sylvi Rennert
Prof. Mag. Dr. Renate Resch, MA
Dipl.-Übers. Dr. Julia Richter
Univ.-Prof. Dr. Hanna Risku
Alexandra Rochel, Bakk. MSc
Mag. Regina Rogl
Dipl.-Übers. Dr. Tomasz Rozmyslowicz
Dr. Nadezda Salmhoferova
Mag. Carolina Santana Borges
Galina Savukova, MA M.Phil. PhD
Mag. Heide Maria Scheidl
Laura Scheifinger, Bakk. MA
Dr. Larisa Schippel
Daniela Schlager, BA MA
Mag. Isolde Schmitt
Mag. Sonja Schnitzer
Melanie Elisabeth-Hannelore Seltmann, BEd MA
Mag. Zoran Simicevic, MA
Mag. Dr. Gretchen Simms, BA
Mag. Dr. Katerina Sinclair
Mag. Michaela Singer
Mag. Karlheinz Spitzl, BA
Rebecca Stocker, BA
Mag. Brigitte Stradiot
Dipl.-Übers. Dipl.-Inform. Qin Sun
Mag. Andrea Tabery, MA
Martina Tampir, BA MA
Dijana Tockner Glova, MAS
Mag. Esther Topitz, BA
Mag. Dr. Erna-Maria Trubel
Mag. Dr. Xavier Vicat
Katja Voncina, BA M.A.
Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Susanne Weigelin-Schwiedrzik
Prof. Mag. Doris Wildmann
Mag. Rafael Wilhelmi
Mag. Mag. Dr. Tanja Wissik
Bartholomäus Wloka, MSc
Mag. Dr. Yasuko Yamamoto
Mag. Claudia Zecher
Mag. Joanna Ziemska
Mag. Alexander Zigo
Mag. Aron Zimre
Mag. Dr. Cornelia Zwischenberger

Compliance with

Code of Conduct

The employees of the Centre for Translation Studies are obliged to adhere to the University of Vienna's Code of Conduct.