Research at the Centre for Translation Studies

Interdisciplinarity of translation studies

Research at the Centre for Translation Studies pursues interdisciplinary approaches in examining mediated communication across linguistic and cultural borders at the levels of processes, products and functions. Expanded by a transcultural perspective, non-mediated communication such as multilingual and lingua franca communication is also investigated.

Basic research and application-oriented research

The Centre for Translation Studies pursues an integrative approach that encompasses both basic and application-oriented research. The comprehensive understanding that the Centre has of its discipline reflects both the complexity of its object, which provides links to numerous other disciplines, and the manifold components of the degree programme, and it permits the integration into research and teaching of recent developments and practical professional demands in order to provide the best possible preparation of graduates for the requirements of different translating professions.
Another objective is the development of awareness of new professional profiles on the basis of theoretically founded models that are capable and flexible enough to facilitate life-long learning processes and thus an adequate adjustment to future developments in society and on the job market.

Thematic areas

The term translation studies at the Centre for Translation Studies encompasses the thematic areas of translation studies, interpreting studies, terminology studies and culture-related research on transcultural communication. It thus comprises both long-standing and newly emerging topics of translation studies with regard to both historical and contemporary aspects. Research on transcultural communication provides the basis for the entire discipline of translation. It examines linguistic and cultural diversity as well as the historical and current processes that aim to cross borders of knowledge. This involves the use of media to transfer texts, communication and knowledge to a defined target group, as well as diversity management and project management in the transcultural area.

Key research areas

These thematic areas provide the basis for the key research areas that are defined by the Centre for Translation Studies.