Master’s programme “Multilingual Technologies”

 The Centre for Translation Studies is happy to announce a new master’s programme “Multilingual Technologies” in collaboration with FH Campus Wien to start in the winter semester of 2022/2023.

The master's programme will focus on central concepts of language technologies, methods for their creation and use, and language resources. This focus gives the master’s programme in Multilingual Technologies a strong interdisciplinary character by combining translational, transcultural, computer science and linguistic disciplines. Depending on their personal specialisation based on the master’s thesis and internship(s), graduates can pursue a career in different occupational fields. These include language technology in the sense of language and text processing and translation technology, transcultural knowledge organisation, language resource management, machine translation, multilingual product management, multilingual information processing, multilingual human-computer interaction, usability and data science.


For more information on the competences acquired in this programme and career paths that graduates can pursue, please consult the curriculum of the master's programme Multilingual Technologies. Here you can also find more details on the master's programme in English.

Admission criteria

To be admitted to the master's programme in Multilingual Technologies, students must have completed a relevant bachelor's programme (e.g. the bachelor’s programme in Transcultural Communication at the University of Vienna or the bachelor’s programme in Computer Science and Digital Communications at the FH Campus Wien). The following subject-specific knowledge is a prerequisite for admission:     

a) Basic knowledge of language technologies and technical communication (15 ECTS)

The successful completion of the bachelor's programme in Transcultural Communication or of the extension curriculum Language Technologies and Technical Communication (in German) at the Centre for Translation Studies serves as evidence of the required knowledge listed under a).

b) Fundamentals of computer science, basic methods and tools of software engineering (15 ECTS)

The successful completion of the bachelor's programme in Computer Science and Digital Communications or of the extension curriculum Computer Science (for students of the University of Vienna) at the FH Campus Wien serves as evidence of the required knowledge listed under b).  

The knowledge described under a) and B) can also be demonstrated in another form. The admissions committee decides on the equivalence.

Multilingual Technologies: Selection procedure and application

Details on the selection procedure and your application for the master’s pogramme Multilingual Technologies can be found here:

Selection procedure for the joint master’s degree Multilingual Technologies

Please be advised that the application must be submitted via the portal of the University of Applied Sciences FH Campus Wien.



Extension curriculum Computer Science: Admission and application

We invite all interested students of the Centre for Translation Studies to apply for the the extension curriculum at the FH Campus Wien.   


For general inquiries and inquiries regarding the admission, please contact:


Inquiries for technical questions:

Assoc.-Prof. Dagmar Gromann