Cooperation partners of the Centre for Translation Studies

The Centre for Translation Studies is a member of various organisations and has entered into bilateral and multilateral partnerships.

The Centre for Translation Studies is cooperating with:


Conférence Internationale Permanente d'Instituts Universitaires de Traducteurs et Interprètes

With the aim of ensuring the quality and diversity in professional trans­la­tion and inter­pre­ting as well as meeting the needs of a constantly changing profile of highly qualified translators and interpreters, the CIUTI significantly contributes to the further development of their education.

The Centre for Translation Studies has been a CIUTI member since 1961.


European Masters in Translation

The University of Vienna is the first Austrian university among 64 European universities that is a member of the European Masters in Translation network (EMT). The EMT network confirmed once again that the master's programme in Translation with a technical translation focus offered by the Centre for Translation Studies not only complies with the EMT standards, but recognises also the high quality of its master's programme.


European Legal Interpreters and Translators Association

The European Legal Interpreters and Translators Association is committed to ensuring access to justice across languages and cultures and thus guaranteeing the human rights. EULITA brings together the professional associations of legal interpreters and translators and represents the interests of the associations vis-à-vis organisations. In addition, it promotes close cooperation with academic institutions in the field of training and research. and to encourage the establishment of national and EU-wide registers of qualified legal interpreters and translators, while at all times respecting the diversity of judicial systems and cultures. EULITA is further committed to promoting quality in legal interpreting and translation through the recognition of the professional status of legal interpreters and translators.


Generaldirektion INTE des Europäischen Parlaments

Seit der Unterzeichnung eines Memorandum of Understanding zwischen dem ZTW und dem Dolmetschdienst des Europäischen Parlamentes wird unsere Dolmetscher*innenausbildung von der GD INTE unterstützt. Die wichtigsten Instrumente der Zusammenarbeit sind Besuche der Studierenden im Europaparlament und die Teilnahme von DolmetscherInnen des EP an unseren Abschlussprüfungen.


Generaldirektion Dolmetschen der Europäischen Kommission

Um ein hohes Ausbildungsniveau zu gewährleisten, arbeitet die GD SCIC eng mit Universitäten zusammen, seit Jahren auch erfolgreich mit dem Zentrum für Translationswissenschaft. In diesem Rahmen finden regelmäßige Besuche von EU-Dolmetscher*innen in Wien und unserer Studierenden bei der GD Dolmetschen in Brüssel statt. Weitere Unterstützung gibt es in Form von Virtual Classes und Stipendien.


International Doctorate in Translation Studies

The Network International Doctorate in Translation Studies (ID-TS) is a worldwide network of existing doctoral Translation Studies programs or doctoral programs that include a Translation Studies component. The chief aim of ID-TS, which was established in 2017 by EST, is to achieve international cooperation in the field of doctoral education in order to promote higher quality in student recruitment, program content and delivery, research design, publication of research, and mobility and placement.

Bilateral and multilateral

Partnership agreements

The Centre for Translation Studies has entered into bilateral partnership agreements with:

  • University of Bucharest
  • University of Sibiu
  • University of Oslo
  • Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest
  • Szent István University in Budapest
  • University of Nyíregyháza, Hungary
  • University of Agder, Kristiansand, Norway

The Centre for Translation Studies has entered into university-wide partnerships with:

  • Georgetown University
  • University of California
  • Charles University in Prague

Austrian Governmental Translation and Terminology Services Working Group (ARG GUT)

The Centre for Translation Studies is a member of the Governmental Translation and Terminology Services Working Group (Arbeitsgruppe Gouvernementaler Uebersetzungs- und Terminologiedienste, ARG GUT). ARG GUT is an informal working group consisting of language experts (translators, interpreters, terminologists, etc.) from the public sector in Austria. It was initiated and is coordinated by the Language Institute of the Federal Armed Forces. The members of ARG GUT belong to different ministries and public institutions.

The members of ARG GUT compiled the Austrian administrative terminology glossary "Österreichische Verwaltung. Deutsch - Englisch".


Machine Translation Reporting and Analytics provides the leading cloud-based Machine Translation platform for the localization industry. It offers everything needed to integrate Machine Translation technology into corporate communication channels and localization workflows.

Phrase Academic Edition

Translation and project management

Access to translation and project management software is vital for students in their comprehensive training to become professional translators. To make it more accessible, Phrase launched an Academic edition in 2012. Today, Phrase is proud to collaborate with over 100 academic institutions around the world to ensure student success in the translation and localization industry.

Trados Academic Partner

Fostering partnerships between academic institutions and Trados, the world's leading language technology company

The objective of the Trados Academic Program is to partner with universities that teach translation technology and provide support for the CAT tool component within their language courses.

ZOO Digital

ZOO Digital Academic Partnership

Following the signing of an Academic Licence Agreement in April 2021, the University of Vienna Centre for Translation Studies has been successfully integrating the cloud-based ZOOsubs platform  in its MA in Translation courses