Registration for courses and examinations

Students can register for courses and examinations via the University's registration system.

There are two ways to register for a course:

  • Via the online course directory of the University of Vienna) (the courses provided by the Centre for Translation Studies are listed in the section "Directorate of Studies 34 - Translation Studies") or
  • directly in U:SPACE.

Registration for


Students have to register for examinations via U:SPACE before they can take an examination in a lecture course.

It is mandatory to register for courses with continuous assessment at the beginning of the semester via U:SPACE.

Registration for

E-learning platform

Students who have registered for a course via U:SPACE automatically gain access to the course on the e-learning platform Moodle, provided that this course is supported by e-learning.

Once the lecturer has made the Moodle course accessible to students, they gain access to the material provided in the Moodle course.