EU Council Presidency Translator – CEF Automated Translation for the Austrian EU Council Presidency

Project duration: May 2017 – December 2018

Funded by: European Commission – Connecting Europe Facility: Telecom  

The “CEF Automated Translation for the EU Council Presidency” enables multilingual communication at the Presidency of the Council of the EU by integrating the CEF (Connecting Europe Facility) Automated Translation (CEF.AT) platform by the EU into a translation toolkit provided to the hosting countries of the EU Presidency events in 2017-2018 and beyond.

The EU Presidency Translation Toolkit features a full set of translation tools for enabling the use of the CEF.AT platform in various digital environments – on mobile phones, on computer desktops, on the web, in the EU Council Presidency websites, and in computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools. The translation tools allow EU Council Presidency staff members and public administration translators to utilise automated translation in their everyday work, thereby boosting translation productivity and lowering translation costs during the EU Presidency events.

The EU Presidency Translation Toolkit is also made available to visiting EU delegates, policymakers, and international journalists, allowing these users to access texts, documents and websites in multiple languages.   To extend the use of CEF.AT to additional domains and usage scenarios, the project develops a set of highly customised machine translation (MT) engines for the EU Council Presidency domain and the official languages of the hosting countries in 2017-2018 (Estonia, Bulgaria, and Austria).

The project creates highly customised MT engines in the domains of selected sector-specific digital service infrastructures relevant to the EU Council Presidencies, including Cybersecurity and eHealth. The Translation Toolkit combines these domain-specific MT systems, which provide synchronous translation, with the systems available on the CEF.AT platform, offering a complete range of translation services to users and helping to meet the multilingual needs of the EU Council Presidency. The components of the EU Council Presidency Toolkit are made available to all EU member states hosting the event in upcoming years, ensuring that the results of the project are sustainable and applicable well into the future.

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