My Own Agency - MOA

My Own Agency - MOA

Project duration: February 2015 - December 2016


The project aims at supporting the work of (freelance) translators not only during translation but also in related business processes. Therefore, the already established MOA platform will be further developed and adapted to the needs of the translators and clients. Part of this development are, among others, the integration of various tools, data and workflows into the platform. These are developed and critically reflected by translation studies research and current developments in the area of professional computer-aided technical translation.

The MOA project meets the application-oriented research approach of the Centre for Translation Studies because it focuses on the design and development of an international web-based work platform for translation services on the global language industries market. Furthermore, it aims at the further development of translation technologies and the optimisation of translation (project) management.

Funding body: FFG

Partner: Centre for Translation Studies, Nativy GmbH